Ireland is amazing country to paraglide ,although still undiscovered.

    If you are looking for adventure holiday in stunning nature with dream to fly over Ireland’s magical landscape. Your chances of getting airborn are very high if you are coming for longer then a week. Possession of more then one size of wing will double. Having speed glider, acro or mini-wing will make you fly for sure 🙂

    Rent a car, drive around and fly in remote places and maybe you’ll discover why Ireland is unknown paragliding paradise. You will basically find yourself in the place of wonderful opportunities. Surrounded with takeoffs on literally every Mountain, Hill & Cliff. Landing opportunities? Everywhere! Just be conscious of animals and farmers. Choosing field with cows that turn to be bulls may result rapid packing you have never done before. If you happen to meet one of our land owners and he is somehow not smiling back when he sees you please be very sorry, quick-pack and move away.  If you won’t land on fields full of animals, you are very unlikely to encounter such situations. Remember that expecting unexpected is a smart thing to do.

  •  Soar along the Wild Atlantic Cliffs of Western Ireland
  •  Thermal over grassy hills & breath taking mountains
  •  Go cross-country through land of possibilities

   Paragliding in Ireland can be great, but also demanding. Talk to us , do your weather checks, be open to locals and ask for permission to enter their land whenever possible.

Respect our dynamic weather, airspace, nature, local people and you should be fine…

Below some helpful links to help you get started:

Map of some known spots with weather links
Paragliding map

Paragliding Ireland on Facebook:
Paragliding Ireland

Irish Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association website


Weather forecasts:

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